Fight Bite is an all natural soothing itch relief stick.

If you or your children are mosquito magnets, then we both have something in common. As your family steps into the outdoors they all fear of what’s to come. The attack of the mosquitos and the bugs!

We have all been there: that feeling of helplessness when your child is bit and is hurting, immediately followed by the itching and crying and our urge to help them feel better as we try every bug bite product that we can find.

After going through many uncomfortable and painful summers of trying every product which none provided a lasting relief,  I became a mom on a mission to find a natural solution to put a stop to the pain and itchiness of bug bites.

A personal situation with a passionate idea Purely In Wild launched Fight Bite.

Fight Bite is an all-natural soothing itch relief stick that really works and lasts all day without stinging or burning the skin.

We keep Fight Bite handy for daily use and especially when we are on the go and we know other families would too. 

Being eco-friendly is also important to us and we make a great effort to only use biodegradable and plastic free packaging for our products.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and how we do business. We hope that Fight Bite can bring relief to your families outdoor adventures.


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